Corps Design Portable Stage Box (4′ x 4′ x 2′)

Corps Design Portable Stage Box (4′ x 4′ x 2′)

Item No: CDBOX2

CDBOX2 Specifications:
Height*: 24″
Width: 48″
Length: 48″
*Height is measured with 8″ no-flat casters installed


Product Description

Corps Design Props are all about flexibility. Each prop is engineered to withstand the most extreme marching and concert schedules. All Corps Design props offer multiple configurations for your constantly changing needs.
The Corps Design Portable Stage Box is a fast and portable way to add layers and levels to your field presentation. All boxes feature a large 4’ x 4’ platform. The casters and feet are built entirely within each box so that each section butts flush with the next section. Each box has 2 casters and uses the never-failing gravity system as a brake. They are light enough to be moved by one person and braced so that the person moving it will not wreck their shins!
Corps Design frames, carts and steel accessories are made in the USA and backed by a limited 3-year structural warranty.

Additional information

Dimensions 48 x 48 x 26 in

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