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Color Guard Flags – So many choices…make the right one!

There are many options on the market today for Color Guard Flags ranging from traditional cut and sew flags, solid colors, mixed textures, and of course custom printed digital flags. Choosing flag designs for your show can make or break the total effect. There are some obvious decisions that would be bad news (i.e. your show is about space and your flags are images of cats), but I’d like to think we all know that! Below are a few considerations I hope are helpful…

1. Shape/Size – There are definitely go tos like the 36×56 flag. This flag is a great option for just about any setting of your show and are often chosen for faster tempos and in areas where you want to have more velocity. Swing Flags (of many shapes and sizes) can help add more volume and color to a moment. Alternatively, the flow of the extra silk can speak with subtlety for those quiet, intimate moments…especially for a potential soloist!

2. Color – One of the best ways to create visual clarity of intent is through color contrast. With just a little thoughtful color theory, you can make your ensemble look more professional and your productions more memorable. You can download our Color Guide here if this is a topic of interest to you!

It seems a good time to point out we are only talking about color guard flags here, not staging, number of performers, etc. These all matter, but for the purposes of this article, simply color guard flags and their designs are being discussed! Back to it…

3. Imagery – We often struggle with convincing our clients to make different choices with their imagery. It is important to remember that flags are seen from a distance and in most cases while moving and spinning. Small details and low contrast are very difficult to see from a distance. While you may have the most beautiful image, if it does not communicate from a distance, the total effect of that moment is lost.

4. Design Layout – This is often overlooked. You pick your flag shape, colors and imagery and move on. While there are exceptions to the rule, moving from dark (near the pole) to light (at the tail of the flag) provides a nice readable spin. With laying out an image, it’s often a great idea to keep the bulk of the “important” items closer to the pole. This will ensure that the audience is able to see and experience what you are wanting.

Be sensitive to the end goal of your show when choosing your flags. Having so many options is exciting, but it can lead to bad decisions. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help give you confidence with your flags!

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